wipro technical interview questions and answers for freshers: Noida, 2012

Wipro questions with answers held recently for 2012 freshers shared by Rajan.

1.Describe the order of precedence with regards to operators in C.

2.Why is C language being considered a middle level language?

3.What is FIFO?
In C programming, there is a data structure known as queue. In this structure, data is stored and accessed using FIFO format, or First-In-First-Out. A queue represents a line wherein the first data that was stored will be the first one that is accessible as well.

4.What is the difference between the expression “++a” and “a++”?
In the first expression, the increment would happen first on variable a, and the resulting value will be the one to be used. This is also known as a prefix increment. In the second expression, the current value of variable a would the one to be used in an operation, before the value of a itself is incremented. This is also known as postfix increment.

5.What is wrong with this statement? void = 10;
The word void is a reserved word in C language. You cannot use reserved words as a user-defined variable.

6.How an object is serialized in java?
Ans: In java, to convert an object into byte stream by serialization, an with the name Serializable is implemented by the class. All objects of a class implementing serializable interface get serialized and their state is saved in byte stream.

7.Can a class have multiple constructors?
Ans: Yes, a class can have multiple constructors with different parameters. Which constructor gets used for object creation depends on the arguments passed while creating the objects.

8.What are run-time errors?
These are errors that occur while the program is being executed. One common instance wherein run-time errors can happen is when you are trying to divide a number by zero. When run-time errors occur, program execution will pause, showing which program line caused the error.

9.What are enumerated types?

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