HP hr interview questions and answers:Bangalore,2012

Hewlett-Packard-Interview-Questions-HP conducted placement drive for fresher’s 2012 in Bangalore college,below are some HR interview questions asked during hp campus placement drive.

1-tell me a sitution where u can show that Your attitude is positive?

2-What basic difference u seen in ur colleges and IIT,s as u visit almost all IIT,s?

3-Which prize is memorable for u and why?

4-How can a man who participate in Debate or Dramatics or likes poetry writingcan help HP?

5-Best poem by which u are vrey much influenced and why u like it so much?THiswas qus because poetry writing is my hobby.

6-In ur college there is a building od STPI.what is that?

7-which company is providing u internet facility?

8-How can u say that ur capabilities can be utilized in HP?

8-Last question wsa very much interesting “they asked me that Mr. u participate indramatics ,u designed a circuit that is based on electronics,u participate in roboticsalso say that u r a good player.ur hobby is creative writing …and at last u r asoftware engg…do u not think that u tried a lot that u can achive all things that arehere and there…But now nothing is in Your hand ?

9.Why you r not selected in many other software companies .

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