Accenture Technical Interview Questions And Answers

Type :Technical Interview
Company :Accenture
Submitted by :Saurav from Bhopal

Accenture Technical Interview Questions And Answers for 2012 freshers

Hi All,I am saurav from Bhopal, came to our college for campus placement.Here i am sharing some technical questions asked during Accenture campus placement for 2012 freshers.

Mainly they have asked from data structures,C and networking concepts.

1.What are macros in C.

2.Write a functions for palindrome in C.

3.What is the size of Pointer  in C.

Ans. 2 byte.

4.What is call by reference in C.

5.What is TCP/IP.

6.What is Priority Queue.

7.How to read a file in C.

8.Covert string number into integer.

Please refer Let us C ,Pointers in c and Data structures book for these questions.

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