C Program to extract substring from string

Program : c program to extract substring from string

Source Code :


#define STR_SIZE 80

void SubStr(char* pStr, char *pSubStr, int nOffset, int nSize)
int i, j;

for(i = 0, j = nOffset; i < nSize; i++, j++)
pSubStr[i] = pStr[j];

void main()
char sStr[STR_SIZE], sSubStr[STR_SIZE] = “”;
int  nOffset, nSize;

printf(“\nEnter any character string: “);

printf(“\nEnter offset to extract sub-string: “);
scanf(“%d”, &nOffset);

printf(“\nEnter number of character to be extracted: “);
scanf(“%d”, &nSize);

if(nOffset >= 0 || (nOffset+nSize) <= (STR_SIZE-1))
SubStr(sStr, sSubStr, nOffset, nSize);
printf(“%s”, sSubStr);
printf(“\nOffset is not valid\n”);


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