Infosys Placement Paper Pattern 2011-2012 freshers

Infosys is a global leader in the “next generation” of IT and consulting with revenues of US$ 5.4 billion. Infosys has a global footprint with 63 offices and development centers in India, China, Australia, the Czech Republic, Poland, the UK, Canada and Japan. Infosys and its subsidiaries have 122,468 employees as on September 30, 2010.

Working at Infosys – Why Should i Join Infosys?

  • It’s one of the fastest growing companies in the world. The opportunities for you are endless.
  • It’s the next generation IT services and consulting company
  • You get onto a global track
  • It is the pioneer, and the best practitioner, of the GDM: this is redefining the way business is done.
  •  It lets you enjoy entrepreneurial freedom



1). Written test
2). HR round only

NO TECHNICAL ROUND? Because; They will train u for 6-8months when u get to join in their company. Infosys don’t bother about your Technical skills.
Eligibility: 68%(strict) [no 67.99% also] with 0 active backlogs. consistent 60% 10th,inter marks.

At first ,at about 9:30am we had a Presentation Seminar on the Vision, Goals, Achievements of Infosys which was given by a HR from Infosys.

Try to be attentive guys and Note Down Interesting Points in this seminar because it will help u at the end of the day in the Interview Round.

This went about for 45 mins and soon they gave application forms and question papers to all the students. First they will give you Aptitude (Logical Reasoning) paper. you will have like 2 mins to go through. This is very important as soon as u get the paper. Just try to review the questions at a glance in those 2 mins. Quickly..

This is the time where u will get to know about questions pattern, order.. You need to identify the easy ones and hard ones…Don’t worry I will tell u which ones are easy and hard.

So the Aptitude Paper Will Have: 30 Questions to be solved in 40 mins.

The following are the list of questions:
1-5) A para is given and five questions are asked on it.. Its related to 4guys where money is distributed equally between A, B and C, D and some conditions bla bla.. and the questions are like..

- Who has highest money and least?
- How much does B have ..
- how much does C has?

These are not time taking questions.. these ques are of normal level only..

6-10) Figure Continuation / Sequence. They will give u a set of 4 figures and followed by 5 options where in you have to select next sequence of figure from the five options.

This is also easy if u have practiced it before.. Guys practice these questions from R.S. Agarwal Nonverbal and u will become familiar with these kind of questions if u do so.

11-15) Data Sufficiency Questions: …Guys here it will test your Quantitative Aptitude.

1 Question based on Ages,
1 Ques based on numbers,
1 Ques based on Compound Interest,
1 Ques based on Selling Price, Profit Concept,
1 Ques from Ratios..

Practice RS Agarwal Cerbal Book for Data Sufficiency.

16-20) Data Interpretation Questions: A graph is given and 5 ques were asked on it. This takes some time to calculate. So solve this section at the last, But if you find it as easy then you can solve in the middle itself.

21-25) A Puzzle para is given, very time taking, complex Ques and 5 question asked on it. Go thru all simple and complex Puzzle questions from RS Agarwal Verbal. Puzzle Test section in it. 6 Kinds of Puzzles, Will be there practice it Guys!

26-30) Data Syllogism Questions: All cats are dogs. Some cats are dogs etc. Practice only TIME Material (there is a trick to solve this kind of ques very simple method, follow it). All these questions came from Time Material only, Don’t follow RS Agarwal Techniques given for Data Syllogism. It is time taking. And it ruined me…this is most easy questions and you should solve this first.

Then immediately English Question Paper. (40 Questions in 30 mins)

1-10) Two RC paras with five questions each ..Timetaking.. Do this at the last. Follow tips from Barrons GRE. Very useful..

11-20) Sentence correction. Very easy if u have basic grammar skills its enough.

21-30) Sentence completion with Meaningful, Appropiate, Suitable. Practical solutions to be chosen from the 4 options..this is some what easy but a man with good English vocabulary and grammar skills can do this easily.

31-40) Theme Detection: 10 paras.each followed by a question regarding the theme of that para. You have to select from the 4 options given. For English. I didn’t prepare from any book. As I had a good knowledge of basic grammar, A decent vocabulary so I was able to do 30 Questions in 25 mins easily and last 5 mins I did 1 RC para.

Beware! Time management is very crucial for infosys test, And very much needed in Aptitude Paper. So practice ques, learn tricks to solve them easily.I didn’t do well in my Aptitude Paper. I struggled with the first five ques itself…10 mins, Went by, there itself. And then I did figure sequence. I cleared easily solve 4 ques outta 5. One question I cld nt answer…i guessed it..

Then I solved Sufficiency Ques. with some logical sense. I don’t know whether I got them right or not. Then I went to Puzzle test questions (21-25ques) that para was very long for me. But since I practiced well from Agarwal’s Books. I was confident that I can do that, But it was a long para with so many relationships (a bit difficult Ques.

Then i went to data Syllogism. I learnt from RS Agarwal, But it proved me too costly. It took 3 mins for each ques., And I had no time. At all..Everything went wrong for me. And I really panicked ..and I cldnt even gaze at DI questions. I guessed all those DI questions…I messed up my whole paper was a very bad day for me.

So guys my advice is first do Data Syllogism questions (practice only from TIME material. Be thorough with the questions in that material), Then go for figure sequence ques., Then depending upon the complexity of questions follow up. For English it was very easy for me but for those who are poor in their English skills, You need to work hard guys..!

After 2hours,they announced the list of all short listed candidates for interview round process. About 35students got short listed to go to the next round. And my name was not there in the list. I was hoping for some miracle to happen and I also had little hope becoz I did well in my English paper. But god showed no mercy on me. God proved that Talent wins. But not all guys were talented.

Questions They Have Asked: HR

  • 1) Tell me Abut Yourself?
  • 2) Tell me Abut your Project? Prepare well Abut yout project and paper seminars if u have mentioned. They don’t go much deep into your project but they only see your presentation skills there.
  • Tell Abut your project in a simple manner. Without going too much into the technical details. Present yourself well here…Be prepared for this question
  • 3) Your hobbies and activities.
  • 4) Strengths and Weaknesses
  • 5) Your leadership skills with Example, Team Player, Leader skills with Example, organization skills with example, They will ask.

Infosys Placement Paper 2011-2012 freshers

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  1. shivam says:

    hay gaurav.
    plz tell me dat time trick for syllogism….

    • Gaurav says:

      Hi sivam,

      You can follow two approachs :
      1.diagram method that is good for simple one.But it could take time .

      2.You can apply syllogism techniques one by one.These conditions are given in RS Agarwal.If you are not getting i will provide you.

      Second method is better as per my experience as i have cleared infosys written two times.So you could use second approach.

      If you have any concern let me know..

      Best of luck.

  2. deepthi says:

    Hi mail me the patten of 2011 infosys.and how to prepare for it and the material used.

  3. deepthi says:

    hi i need the infosys placement pattern and the material to follow

  4. Dipanwita says:

    can u please provide me TIME material for syllogism at my id
    it will be really campus drive for infy is on 26th this it will be helpful to me if u provide those asap..
    thank you very much.

  5. Dipanwita says:

    hi Gaurav,
    can u pls provide me TIME material for syllogism in my mail id
    my campus drive is on 26th this month for infy so if u pls send me those it will be really


    • Gaurav says:

      Hi depanwita,
      Don’t worry about syllogism.These will come generally from RS Agarwal.
      As per our experience,you should just practice each type questions and remember tricks to solve them.
      For syllogism,you just remember those conditions given in RS Agarwal book.I think these are enough to solve any questions easily.

      But we will try to make available TIME material to you.

  6. jayashree says:

    thanks a lot…for giving image about placements…

  7. pankaj kumar says:

    hi,this is pankaj. infosys is coming on 27th sep 2011…so please tell me how to prepare for it and please send me material regarding data syllogism…thanx

  8. karthik says:


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    and also some tricks for syllogism

    i want soon plz

  9. sowmya says:

    can u pls send me TIME material for syllogism in my mail id

  10. lipsita says:

    hey…thanks 4 d tips..

    can u plz help me with english grammar questns!!which book should i refer for english??
    can u help me out with somes rules of preposition and all others that is required for infy??
    plz mail me if u hv sum materials for english

  11. rakesh j r says:

    hi dude i immensly appreciate ur work so good to help for recruitment . i infosys will be in our college for 4th of october.can u pls help me by sending T I M E material for syllogism. i suffered lot from that concept ,so pls help me dude. my mail id is . i hope u ll respond

  12. lavanya says:

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    hi i need the materials for infosys apps. also need to knw wen ll inf conduct offcampus

  14. pree says:

    is it enough to see agarwal for data interpretation?

  15. ankur says:

    hiii gaurav

  16. ankur says:

    hiii gaurav
    please send me syllogism matter of time and infosys recent placement paper &TCS also
    as early as possible.

  17. Rajkamal says:

    Hi gaurav im little bit confused to do the syllogism so pls tell me the basic tactics to do..

  18. Soumya Bardhan says:

    Hi gaurav…pls tell me the package that is being offered to the BE/BTech 2012 batch…..

  19. Soumya Bardhan says:

    Guys for syllogish pls refer Objective english by R.S Agarwal….nothing more is required…..

  20. shruthi says:

    hi gaurav, your tips helping us lot… thank you…

  21. ashwini says:

    hi Gaurav..pls give me some tricks for syllogism nd some infosys placement mail id

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    Gaurav thank for the instructions, they’re really helpful….infy is about to visit our college this week, please send me some documents regarding syllogism, data interpretation to my mail_id ASAP.

  24. apoorva srivastava says:

    sir i m highiy obliged the way u help the freshers…… its my humble request to please mail me recent years infosys written paper thanks…

  25. shubi says:

    i want to know when infy will conduct offcampus????

  26. manognya says:

    hi gaurav, plese mention main aptitude&reasoning topics…for written test

  27. srilakshmi says:

    I want to know about infosys placement paper pattern for 2011-2012. please send mail to me.

  28. aishu says:

    hi i am good in aptitude n reasoning but my % is 65.6 in UG..Now am doing MCA

    Am i eligible or not,if not whch cmpny accepts my %

  29. sara says:


    I am 2011 passout & waiting for infy call letter. Send me the materials to my mail for clearing all my tests.. Please guide me sir..

  30. varsha says:

    i have my infosys drive on 12th of this month so please help me out

    …….please send materials that can make my drive smooth…

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  36. Paritosh says:

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    However Found an online test for the same on net at

    Thanks again.

  37. tejaswi says:

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  38. Kalyan says:

    thanks for your tips GAURAV thats a very nice work indeed you are doing,
    by giving us tips,
    i just wanted to know whether the same pattern and qualifications apply
    for graduates or not?
    if NO, then please send me the pattern and qualification and selection
    procedure to my mail.

  39. anu says:

    hiii gaurav
    please send me syllogism matter of time and infosys recent placement paper plz

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    i need ur help….. mail the material to

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    pls send me TIME material 4 syllogism soon my id is…. i need ur help i ve my drive on 9th april…

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    i am amol 2011 passout engineering,in next few days i am going to give infosys aptitude test through reference..
    so please tell me the tricks and tell me in detail how can i crack infosys aptitude test..
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    i am waiting for your mail…
    my id-

    plz help me out… i am poor in aptutude and english,need ur help as soon as possible

    thanks in advance..

  46. Priyanka says:

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    Can u mail me that some tricks for syllogism..plz..

  47. Priyanka says:

    Thanks for ur best guidance …
    can u mail me some tricks for syllogism? pls

  48. hridya k k says:

    hai gaurav
    let me know hw the selection procedure goig on and is tht applitude test pappr is simpler for an above avg student lik me? .. plz send me the TIME material 4 syllogism to my mail id …it ll be very helpful 2 me…

  49. hridya k k says:

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    plz sent tricks for TIME material 4 syllogism 2 my mail id….it vl be very helpful 2 me

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